My Encounter with a Client as Independent Escorts in Bangalore


As independent escorts in Bangalore, I have several stories to share with you. Every time I meet a new person, I gather some new experiences. This is why I still love my job, as I feel working as escort girl could easily be the best job in the world. No other jobs would provide the fun that has been offered in this industry. So, here I shall share a day’s meet with my client, who eventually became one of the frequent clients in Bangalore. This story is unique, as I had a lot of fun with this man. He is handsome, rich and hunky - a person that every woman love to be befriended.

So, it was a weekend, and I was reading a book casually at my home in Bangalore. The bustling noises outside can still be felt, even though it was weekend. It was a boring sort of weekend for me, as I really had no plans to go outside and have fun with friends. Sitting idle is boring for me, though the book was interesting enough to keep me at home for long time. I got a phone call from someone unknown. Picked up the phone, and I realized that it was a new clients who want to have an appointment with me. As I always do, I suggested him a place for meeting, and he agreed on my choice.

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